Corporate Social Investment Policy

In recognising its responsibility as a conscientious corporate citizen, Voltic (GH) Limited is wholly committed to playing an active role in the development of a market democracy through sustainable development. It has, therefore, aligned its vision and mission statements to that of its performance as a corporate citizen.

Our corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives underpin the company's community mission, which is to:

  • Share wealth for positive change in the areas in which we trade, primarily through support for education, social development and health.
  • Be perceived as a caring organisation both internally and externally.

What We Seek To Do

  • To provide means to give something back to the community and enhance the caring image of the Company
  • To improve relationships with the community
  • To improve employee loyalty and morale
  • To help stabilize the economic and social environment for the Company’s long-term survival
  • To enhance business performance and the reaching of strategic goals
  • To contribute to corporate brand identity
  • To increase customer goodwill and loyalty
  • To provide opportunities to build relationships with business partners

Our Philosophy

  • To focus funding on and involvement in those communities that are directly involved with the Company's operations.
  • To approach all CSI projects in a consultative manner to facilitate sustainable wealth creation and self-sufficiency in the communities within which we operate.
  • To manage the impact of the company’s relations with the community and environment according to the ethical principles outlined in the Company’s Business Conduct & Ethics Policy.
  • To become involved in CSI in a responsible and innovative way based on principles and an arrangement that benefits both beneficiary and donor.

Focal Areas

  • The focus of our sustainable CSI is on the positive transformation and uplifting of communities by supporting education, health and social development.
  • Voltic (GH) Limited strives to ensure that its work benefits as many people as possible whilst providing stability and security for future generations.
  • Voltic (GH) Limited’s commitment to the community flows from our core values and principles. To us, social investment is not an add-on to business activities, but at the heart of how we engage with the communities where our customers, employees, investors and suppliers live.
  • We will use the full range of resources available to us, including the skills of our people, our technology and our services, to ensure that our social investments have the greatest possible impact.
  • Voltic (GH) Limited will seek to complement the work of Governments and other bodies in the various societies in which we do business. Our contributions will be most effective when they concentrate on areas directly related to the impacts of our business on society. Our social investment will focus primarily on:
    • Community development and support
      • Education and Training
      • Health and social welfare
        • Medical, primary healthcare and welfare projects with the communities in which VGL operates may be considered and CSI may also be non-monetary, such as organizational, administrative support, time spent by staff to help to organize an event, project or training for a beneficiary, etc.
        • Community Aids awareness programmes aligned to government programmes
      • Social Development including the Arts, Culture and Sport
        • We will support programmes that attempt to increase accessibility or that make creative use of technology in the areas of arts and culture, community health, education and employability.
    • Discretion must be used in those cases where projects or investment falls outside of this framework
    • We believe that our employees are our strongest link with local communities. We want to support their voluntary efforts to improve those communities.

Measuring and Reporting

  • We are committed to measurement and reporting of the value of social investment, the benefits it generates for communities and the company and its longer-term effectiveness in meeting community needs.
  • We will consult with our stakeholders and community partners on how we can improve our social investment performance.
  • We will attempt to quantify financial contributions which may be attributed as a CSI activity, such as management time.


  • Effective communication of CSI activities plays an important role in portraying the Company as a caring citizen to the outside world and towards harnessing internal support for the programme
  • Objectives
    • To disclose and promote community contributions
    • To communicate the programme
    • To build the CSI profile

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Voltic (GH) Limited does not sponsor or make donations to individuals e.g. people requesting support to compete in marathons or undergo particular medical treatments. The Company may, however, consider supporting a charity or organization relevant to the request if it is local
  • Voltic (GH) Limited may sponsor local teams, clubs, societies and associations in the communities where VGL operates or in which VGL employee participates, providing that there is a suitable activity or event for VGL to be associated with and providing these activities have the support of management.
  • Voltic (GH) Limited will not support appeals for assistance from religious establishments requesting help with the promotion of their faith or maintenance of their premises
  • Voltic (GH) Limited will not make donations to politicians or political parties.